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Back on course with OMVR

Your business may be struggling. Staff costs are often a major cost item which is difficult to shrink. A well-coordinated reorganisation is then one way of rediscovering the right course. The attorneys at OMVR will guide you through this process from beginning to end. Hence we are involved in drawing up the reorganisation plan and the social plan, the recommendation request to the works council and the consultation with the trade unions. Your business back on course. That's our goal.

Timely advice

It is important to involve OMVR's specialists as soon as possible if a reorganisation is in prospect. That way we can think along with you and provide you with timely advice about the correct steps to take next. This approach has produced the desired result for many of our clients. OMVR has been involved in various reorganisations within production companies, industrial businesses, healthcare institutions, service providers and construction firms.

Specialisten in reorganisations

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