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Mediation by OMVR: Sensible negotiation

People are inherently designed to maintain good relationships. A dispute therefore takes a lot of energy and should preferably be avoided. But sometimes a legal dispute becomes so acrimonious that mediation by an independent third party is welcome. The specialists at OMVR offer mediation that considers your personal situation.

Sensible negotiation

Mediation is sensible negotiation. In divorces, but also around trade disputes, mediation can ensure that both parties can work together constructively again. This generally works better than solutions that are imposed by a court. Unlike the court, a mediator is not concerned about who's in the right, but with reaching fresh agreement. Both the starting points and the outcomes of a mediation are recorded in writing so that it is clear how both parties wish to carry out the process and how they want to move forward together.

Specialisten in mediation

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