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Labor Law and Employment

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OMVR: We specialise in employment

Whether you are an employee or an employer, in your relationship you constantly have to deal with all kinds of rules of labor law. Salary agreements, working times, job changes, working conditions and dismissal procedures all fall within this area of law. The specialists at OMVR offer bespoke advice. Labor law is one of our specialisms.


In the Netherlands the protection of the employee as the weaker party has traditionally been well-organised. Economic developments have led to a change in this in recent years. This is also why politicians have placed the further flexibilisation of labor law high on the agenda. These developments have resulted in a growing need for advice from a specialist attorney. What were previously standardised agreements between employee and employer have now been transformed into tailor-made arrangements. The specialists as OMVR are familiar with these developments. We understand that labor law and employment relationships are constantly in flux.

Short lines of communication

Short lines of communication are particularly important in employment disputes. Sometimes a brief discussion with the right specialist is enough to avoid legal action. The influence of a collective labour agreement on the employment relationship can also have a complicating effect. The attorneys as OMVR offer assistance in the area of labor law and provide advice that works.

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