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Intellectual Property Law

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OMVR protects your creativity

Intellectual property (IP) law deals with the protection of everything that derives from the creative spirit. Some of these rights result from creation itself or through usage, such as copyright and trade name rights. Brands, models and patents are only protected when the inventor registers them. The specialists at OMVR can advise on protecting and enforcing your intellectual property rights.


Intellectual property rights start with recording the exploitation of your IP rights. This covers licences and other usage agreements. In the event of infringements we safeguard your interests, through the courts if necessary. If it is found that your rights have been infringed - or the other way round: you are accused of infringing someone else's intellectual property - you need to find out about your legal position and options for protecting it as quickly as possible. The attorneys at OMVR can assist with this. We work with you to decide on the right strategy.

No cost legal action?

IP law is the only area of law where the full costs of legal action are borne by the losing party. The financial risk of such actions is therefore greater than for other forms of legal action. The flip side to this is that as a private individual or small business you are able to bring legal action virtually without cost if you have the law on your side. Is therefore important to call in expert assistance in good time if you are confronted with IP law. OMVR advises on cases relating to intellectual property law. That way your creativity remains your property.

Specialisten in intellectual property law

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