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Insolvency Law

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OMVR: Expert advice in hectic times

When your business is struggling you may no longer be able to meet the demands of your creditors. The attorneys at OMVR can provide support if insolvency looms. Damage limitation and risk avoidance in your situation are thereby key. Expert advice in hectic times. That gives you peace of mind.


An insolvency situation does not necessarily has to be fatal. The cooperation of a bank or buyer may enable a restart of your business. The specialists at OMVR work closely with an extensive network of financiers, interim managers and accountants. We draw up a risk analysis and work with you to find a solution which best suits your situation. OMVR provides assistance when the going gets tough.


As well as supporting and advising businesses, the attorneys at OMVR regularly act as court appointed administrators in bankruptcies. We do not only take the view of an administrator, we are also in fact administrators. That provides us with the expertise to be able to provide you as a business with sound advice in the run up to bankruptcy. That way you can anticipate what is to come in good time and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Current bankruptcies and claims

Click here for a list of current bankruptcies which are being dealt with by our receivers. Please contact us if you wish to submit a claim in a current bankruptcy.

Specialisten in insolvency law

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