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Foundations and Associations

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OMVR: Bespoke advice for foundations and associations

A foundation is generally established for a good cause. An association is a suitable legal form for sports and community groups. The attorneys and notary practice at OMVR have wide experience with setting up foundations and associations. We offer bespoke advice.


Most foundations are focused on subjects in the cultural sector, politics or developmental aid. Foundations are also common in education and healthcare. The notary practice at OMVR have the power to establish or dissolve the foundation. The drafting of bylaws is also done under our supervision.


An association is a corporate entity with a democratic basis. A sports club is an example, but the owners of an apartment complex are also united in an Association of Owners. As within any democratic structure, there may be disagreement within an association between the (committee) members. If such a dispute cannot be resolved through the association's bylaws, the courts must provide the answer.


The specialists at OMVR are familiar with the legal context which applies to associations and provide legal assistance, both in court and otherwise. We also advise association committees on risk inventories. Bespoke specialist work that strengthens your organisation.

Specialisten in foundations and associations

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