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Financing and Credit Security

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OMVR: care for your finances

Banks are increasingly being expected to take the care of their customers seriously. The rules for financial institutions have been made tighter and tighter in recent years. Because more is expected of banks, they are stipulating more conditions for their customers. It is therefore important that you are aware of your rights. OMVR can assist you with advice and actions in protecting your legal position with respect to financial institutions.

Duty of care

A practical example of a conflict relating to a bank's duty of care is a problem with repaying a mortgage. When the mortgage was taken out, agreements were made. What advice did the bank give on this at the time? Which financial products are part of your financing? Does your financing match your personal situation as the bank should be aware of it? The attorneys and notary practice at OMVR can answer these questions. We have extensive expertise in the field of commercial and personal finance agreements and sureties, such as mortgages, rights of pledge, bank guarantees and guarantors.


Refinancing is required if your existing financial agreements no longer match your circumstances. OMVR advises on the options for refinancing, and works with an extensive network of national and local bankers who are prepared to think along with you. Professional engagement which is worth something to you.

Specialisten in financing and credit security

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