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Criminal law

IndividualCriminal Law

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Criminal law determines what behaviour is deemed punishable by society. You will come into contact with the criminal law if you commit a (traffic) offence, but also if you are suspected - rightly or wrongly - of a crime. The attorneys from OMVR will assist you. We do this without fear or favour and with frankness. We look at what can be proved, not what is being alleged.

Public Prosecutor's Office

OMVR assists both individuals and companies that are deemed to be suspects. Every suspect deals with the Public Prosecutor's Office. The Public Prosecutor's Office has the authority to apply coercive measures to suspects. These can be drastic and far-reaching, such as temporary detention or seizure. The immediate assistance of an expert attorney is therefore essential. If you are a suspect, you want to be sure that your rights are being protected. The specialists from OMVR will fight your case.

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