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Corporate Litigation and Contract Law

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Contract law: OMVR stands up for your rights

Clear agreements form the basis for your business. As a business you undertake to supply a certain service or product, but you also have rights that your trading partners must respect. Many of these agreements are recorded in contracts. The specialists at OMVR have wide ranging expertise in the field of contract law and provide legal assistance.

General contract law

By contract law we mean all agreements which are required to operate your business. Examples of these include purchase agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, service level agreements, general terms and conditions, agency agreements, intermediary agreements and commission agreements. The attorneys at OMVR advise on the drafting of contracts and strengthen your legal position where necessary. If there are disputes over contracts, dialogue is preferable, but we do not shy away from legal action. We know the legal tools for defending your legal position.

Shareholder disputes

Control is an important aspect of your business. The relationship between shareholders is often subject to further rules in a shareholders' agreement. Maybe you have had a pleasant relationship for a long time, but a discussion has gradually developed which you cannot resolve between you anymore. How to deal with that in the light of the shareholders' agreement? What position to adopt at a shareholders' meeting? The specialists at OMVR study your situation and provide a precise analysis of your legal position. From there we work together on a solution, through the courts if necessary.

Specialisten in corporate litigation and contract law

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