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Construction Law

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Construction law

Construction law is a specific area of contract law which governs the relationships amongst contractors or between contractors and principals. Contracting agreements and specifications are often voluminous documents, usually with supplementary conditions. Disagreements about the execution, delivery and guarantee are common in the contracting sector. The contractor must then be able to defend itself well, whilst the principal must be able to obtain its rights. The attorneys at OMVR are committed. We provide the legal basis to reach the correct outcome in a building dispute.

In most cases building disputes are settled by the ordinary courts. If special agreements have been made, the ruling is made by the Construction Arbitration Council (Raad van Arbitrage voor de Bouw). A construction case or a case relating to arbitration requires an attorney with both legal knowledge and technical insight. The attorneys at OMVR are knowledgeable in both areas. We worked for all sectors of the building industry. This includes civil engineering, commercial construction, builders, engineers, demolition and decontamination companies, architects, project developers and manufacturers of building materials.

Tendering law

If the authorities wish to place contracts out to tender, they are obliged to follow certain procedures. These procedures are often complicated. The attorneys at OMVR can provide clarity in these cases.  We ensure that the interested party knows what he's tendering for. Should a tender not be selected, we can assist him in taking the matter to court if required.

Disputes in tendering law are settled by the preliminary injunctions court (provisional relief court). The deadlines for commencing legal action are short. It is therefore important to call in expert assistance in good time if you experience problems during a tendering process. The attorneys at OMVR have the experience and knowledge to guide such procedures effectively.

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