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Civil service law

IndividualCivil Service and Labor Law

OMVR: Expertise in civil service law

OMVR has extensive expertise in the field of civil service law. Although this area of law has some similarities with employment law, it has different rules and procedures. The specialists at OMVR are thoroughly familiar with these procedures and offer expert legal advice.

Definitions of legal position

Civil service law defines the legal position of civil servants employed by the public authorities. This includes central government, provinces, municipal councils, police, defence forces, ministries and district water boards. The rights and duties of a civil servant are often set out in definitions of legal position. The ARAR for central government civil servants and the CAR-UWVO for municipal civil servants are examples of this.


One characteristic of civil service law is that the civil servant can object against decisions that are made. If the civil servant does not register an objection, the decision is finalised and this can have consequences for the civil servant's legal position. It is therefore important to identify these decisions and to register an objection in time. OMVR offers assistance with - amongst other things - appointment, assessment processes, reorganisation, illness, suspension and dismissal.


Employees in the education sector also have a special legal position. The rights and duties of these employees are often set out in specific education arrangements, and are linked to both civil service law and employment law. The attorneys at OMVR also provide assistance and advice to employees in the education sector.

Specialisten in civil service law

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