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Administrative Law

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OMVR: Guide to administrative law

Administrative law governs the relationship between the authorities and the citizens. In the Netherlands administrative law has developed into a complex and convoluted system. The collected laws and regulations cover many metres of bookshelves, in which both the citizen and the authorities can easily get lost. The specialists at OMVR act as guide. Administrative law is our domain.


The complexity of administrative law is linked to the structure of our economy and the structure of our country. The territory of the Netherlands is limited. In order to be able to use it efficiently and in order to ensure that the interests of citizens and the authorities are safeguarded, the government has created all kinds of rules. Zoning plans, provincial planning regulations, the Spatial Planning Act (Wet op de ruimtelijke ordening) and the Environmental Law (General Provisions) Act (Wet algemene bepalingen omgevingsrecht) are examples of these.

Environmental law

As a citizen you encounter these rules the moment you want to build, run a business or live in your home. This often requires an environmental permit. It is this permit the brings the citizen into contact with all aspects of environmental law. Alongside environmental law, administrative law also covers a wide range of other areas such as working conditions, the employment of foreigners and all sorts of subsidy schemes. The specialists at OMVR are at home in these areas.


The volume of rules and case law in the area of administrative law is growing almost daily. The attorneys at OMVR remain constantly up to date with changing national and European regulations. We have the knowledge and experience to gain insight into your specific legal position. Our goal is to provide you with clarity.

Specialisten in administrative law

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